Have you promised your kids to take them for camping, but taking out time to travel to your favorite camp site is difficult. But there is nothing to worry! The most extraordinary camp ground is just steps away. The place offers a perfect picnic space, tent site, educational and fascinating nature features. Eager to know, where is this camp site? Then, it is just outside the backdoor of your house. Yes, you can convert the backyard into a perfect camp site with little tips, planning and preparations.

Here is your quick guide to prepare for the backyard camp site:

Prepare for fun: Before you can feel the fun and excitement, you need to go through planning and preparations. Sit down and make a list of activities you plan to do with your family at the camping trip and also the supplies that you will be needing. Some of the supplies that you must have on your list are: sleeping bag, blanket, pillows, flashlight, eating utensils, cooking utensils, water, paper and cloth napkins, camera and magnifying glass. If possible try and get hold of the field guides too.

Set up the camp: It is important to have the right start. Involve everybody in setting up the camp. Ask the kids to clear the ground by picking the sticks and the rocks, where the tent has to be located. Work as a team to set up the tent. In case you don’t have a tent, simply drape a plastic sheet or blanket or tarp over the tree branches or the clothesline. To hold the corners use the rocks or stakes.

Search the food: After you have placed the tent, now is the time to search for the food. Here, your preparations will come in. Put the nuts, berries and fruits in sandwich bags and hide them on the branches or place them in the crannies. Join your kids in the hunting process to have fun. If they are not able to find them, drop a subtle hint to make the process easier for them.

Explore the nature: Explain your kids that even the backyard is a part of the ecosystem of the world. Take them for a walk, look for different birds using the binoculars, dig the ground using small hand spade to discover the insects beneath the ground. Search for the different flowers or plants and gather stones and rocks.

Indulge in games: Camping gives you a good opportunity to spend time as a family and play games. Some of the games that you must play are leap frog and shadow tag. It is also a good time to show the games or indulge in activities that you as a kid enjoyed. Teach them string figures like cat’s cradle and cup and saucer.

Campfire: It is very difficult to imagine a camping without campfire. Before you set the campfire, check for the rules in your area. Also, tell your kids to follow the safety rules. To avoid charring of the grass, it is best to use the fire ring. Fill it with sand and build the campfire on it.

Good night and sleep night: As the night approaches, wrap yourself in the sleeping bags and tell the kids some ghost or fairy tales. Hopefully, they will sleep well. In case they don’t want to sleep outside, don’t force them. It is all too new for them!

Just enjoy the camping with your kids as it is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.