Cleaning out the closet is a task that most people like to put off. Many are worried that it might take hours. But the fact is that, despite the anxiety, a speedy closet organization takes just 15 minutes of your times. You don’t believe it! But it is true. At the end of the cleaning drive, you will feel cleaner, lighter, and more organized. With the three steps given below you will be all set to meet the challenge easily:

Clean Sweep

Set your timer to five minutes. Now quickly browse through your clothing, accessories, shoes etc. As you look at each item, ask these three questions:

  • Did I wear this last year?
  • Does it still fit me?
  • Do I still like it?


If you do not answer positively to all of the above mentioned questions, then simply remove it from your wardrobe and start creating a “giveaway” or storage pile. Do not spend too much time thinking about this process. It is a simple and speedy assessment of your belongings. You should be able to go through your entire closet in just five minutes!

Separate, Then Coordinate

After you have got rid of the unnecessary items in your closet, closely examine the clothes that are here to stay. Group items that go together. For example, keep dresses together, jeans together, shirts together, etc. Once you have created piles of similarities, neatly place them into your wardrobe according to the color and how frequently you use the item. For instance, if you tend to wear skirts and jackets to work, hang these items in the front and towards the center of your wardrobe. This will prevent you from digging through your closet and making a mess.


Repeat this process for accessories and shoes. You don’t necessarily require closet organizers and storage containers. Use hangers to hang up belts, scarves, and purses. Line up your shoes according to purpose such as athletic shoes, weekend shoes, and work shoes. The shoes you wear the most should be placed closer to the door. This step should roughly take five minutes.

Future Planning

After you have organized your closet, spend five minutes in thinking about how you can improve your space. For example, do you require boxes or closet organizers for your shoes and belts? Do you need extra shelving? Is there a better place to put your seasonal clothing? Write these down on a piece of paper. Browse the internet for the latest options on closet organization. After you gather some ideas, decide on how much you want to spend on “closet organizing tools”. Once you have a clear idea about how to improve your closet, go to the department store and purchase organizers such as portable drawers, storage boxes, and over-the-door racks. By improving the layout of your closet, you will increase its organizational capacity.

Organizing the closet is never an exciting task, but it is one that must be done. This is a great way to get rid of unnecessary clutter, and to also add some organization to your life.