Documentaries tell us the realities of the world that the mainstream media decides not to talk about.  They tell us about the atrocious things that we never even heard before.

But the reason some documentaries get more popular than the others is because of the claims they make. While some of them do stand by their claims, others just try to get that little blink of popularity by stating false facts and wrong stories.

In this post, we will be discussing all those documentaries that shook the world


This documentary was released in 2007 and it talked about so many conspiracies that it ended up looking like a movie. From the conspiracy theories about 9/11, to the control of currencies and the origins of Christianity, this documentary has more than a million views on YouTube.

The content of the documentary was obviously very controversial but the worst part was that there were no facts to corroborate all the claims that were stated in the flaming conspiracy theories.


High On Crack Street

This documentary follows a bunch of ‘crack heads’ through their everyday life to see what really triggers them to take drugs every day and how their life is affected by drugs.

Before you go on to watch that, you should know that this is real life and there is no happy ending. The documentary involves prostitution and pregnancies. At the end of the documentary, one of them died due to drug overdose.

Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children

If you ever want to know what struggle really feels like, then you should definitely watch this documentary which follows the lives of abandoned Bulgarian children.

Instead of funding these orphans to help them get a better life, the Bulgarian government dumped all of them in a poorly managed and under managed orphanages. For the kids there was no escape and they were living in filthy conditions.

This documentary came out me in 2007 and since then there have been steps taken to make sure the kids get the life they deserve.

Child Of A Rage : A Story Of Abuse

This is a story of redemption of a little girl who has been sexually and mentally abused. The documentary follows Beth, and how she deals with everything in her life differently.

She was slowly becoming a sadist, she was also involved in animal cruelty and she was going into deep depression. At one point in the documentary, she also talked about wanting to kill her parents.

The entire documentary is definitely heart breaking and difficult to watch but at the end of the day, what viewers get from it is hope.

Capturing The Friedmans

The most difficult documentaries to make are the ones that showcase all the characters in a neutral light and leave it to the viewers to form a judgement.

This documentary follows a father and son duo who were accused of child molestation. Jessie and Arnold Friedman were caught by the police after child pornography was found at their house. Arnold was a piano teacher who regularly had kids come to his house. In a hope to get his son out, he agreed to plead guilty to everything. But the police arrested them both.

Fahrenheit 9/11

This documentary was developed by Michael Moore who talked about 9/11 terror attacks and the whole corporate agenda behind it. Unlike other documentaries about 9/11, this one had some great facts which made it look way more believable.

Moore claimed in his documentary that the Iran and Afghanistan attacks were done for natural gas pipeline access, the 2000 elections were influenced by Fox and the government had done way less than it could have in the 9/11 attacks.

Fahrenheit 9/11

While the documentary did seem believable, it came right around the time of 2004 elections and some believed it was Moore’s attempt to discredit Bush.

Interview with a Cannibal

In 1981, Issei Sagawa cannibalized and murdered a French woman in Paris. Instead of being punished for his crime, Sagawa was deemed insane by the French government and sent to a medical institution.

Later, he was released to the Japanese custody and since the French government could not produce the right documents against him, he was pronounced as sane by the government and they had to release him.

This documentary follows the life of Sagawa and lets the viewers know what actually goes in the mind of a cannibal.

Which one of these shocking documentaries have you watched?