One thing about a good storyline is that its starting as well as its ending must be brilliant. Especially in the case of novels and movies, readers and viewers remember clearly how the story ended and this very thing is what influences their opinion of it. This is why; every movie must have a brilliant ending. However there are many movies that have superb stories, compelling narration, a powerful message but fumble when it comes to wrapping it up.  The final impact is so poorly executed that audiences forget how the movie was and only remember how badly it finished. The following is a list of 10 great movies that were ruined by bad endings.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

This movie was a science fiction that was a futuristic storytelling of Pinocchio and was very well received all over the world. The story is engaging and exciting but the movie does not reach a thought provoking conclusion and this is what worked against it. A lot of people had many suggestions for a better ending after watching this one.

Artificial Intelligence

The Ninth Gate

This Roman Polanski’s movie was highly anticipated before its release and has a lovely story which makes it a very well-directed movie but with one big fumble-it’s ending. This movie stars Johnny Depp and has a mystery element attached to it. But what it lacks is a convincing ending which viewers wait for through the length of the movie.


How can this list not have the name of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie?  This movie which is based on the concept of Crop Circles keeps the audiences engaged as the movie goes on but leads to a very disappointing end which is rather unexpected.

The Devil’s Advocate

With a cast that included Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves among others, this movie was a big hit and still continues to woo many but one part where it performed rather badly was its ending. The story revolves around lawyers and corruption and other similar concepts but it would definitely be a bigger movie if it had a decent ending.

Devil’s Advocate

The Wolverine

Who doesn’t know The Wolverine and who doesn’t like this movie? But even ardent fans of this movie will agree that the end left them rather unsatisfied.  The story and the theme as well as the direction works but the ending definitely doesn’t.

I am Legend

The movie keeps very close to the novel for most part but somewhere it starts losing plot and leads to a very bad ending.  Because of this reason, a new alternate ending also came to light but by then the damage had been done.


This Danny Boyle movie is a science fiction which is as engaging as other movies by this movie maker but its final act remains disappointingly predictable. It was not only out of place but also something which made viewers go out of the theatres without a satisfactory look.


This movie will forever be the best version of the superhero story but what totally disappoints is the ending. This is another example of a good movie that was ruined by a bad ending.


High Tension

Horror movies are always fascinating and exciting. This movie has a thrilling killing scene right from the first few moments and continues to engage the audiences but the movie had a twist ending which didn’t go too down with the audiences.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This is a mysterious movie which has an unresolved nature but this is not the reason why its ending was appreciated by the viewers.  The movie didn’t only leave audiences confused but also the critics. May be the message was a little too hard for everyone to grasp.