Wood art is a contemporary art form that can be found in craft, marquetry, wood burning, chip carving, and sculpture. The beauty, complexity, and creativity that is expressed through wood art, relies heavily on the type of wood that is used, and consequently the wood grain. Wood is often used in artistic endeavors because it is more economical and flexible, than other materials such as stone or iron. People often mistakenly assume that because it is an easy material to work with, it must be easy to turn into a piece of art. On the contrary, wood artists possess specific skills which require precision and control.

If you are looking out for unique gift ideas for your friends and family, try wood art gift pieces. Listed below, are some creative gift ideas to choose from:

Driftwood Christmas Ball: This is a perfect gift for the Christmas season. You can use it as an art project and paint it with your child, and then hang it on the tree.

Reclaimed Wood Mirror: This is lovely housewarming gift, guaranteed to be a hot topic at your next party. It can be hung in the living room or bedroom, to create that rustic woods feeling.

wood mirror

Rustic Wood Art: Buying a gift for an art lover? How about a Rustic Wood Art? This piece of art is available in an assortment of colors and is generally presented in vertical or horizontal stripes. It is a unique art piece, for an eclectic art lover.

Hand Carved Electric Wood Lamp: This is an elegant and charming gift for any friend or family member, and perfect for someone who has just bought a cottage. This intricately carved wood lamp will act as an accent piece in any room of your home, particularly your drawing room or bedroom.

wooden lamp

Wood Vase: This sounds too surreal but it’s true, a vase made of wood. This elegantly designed centerpiece is a perfect housewarming gift for any person in your life. Apart from being made of wood, this vase has an ingrained design in black, which gives it its antique appeal.

wooden vase

The next time you are stuck for creative gift ideas, think about wood art. But before you buy wood art pieces make sure it is of great quality and well finished. Choose from matte or glossy finish keeping the taste of the person in mind.