In the art and science of Feng Shui, health IS wealth! The kitchen is at the heart of healthy energy; therefore ameliorating things in this part of the home will definitely have a positive impact on one’s financial prospects. This is one of the core beliefs of Chinese culture. A kitchen which emits positive energy will attract an abundance of wealth. If more wealth and abundance is what you are after, this is the time to change your kitchen around, and attract good chi.

Consider the following Feng Shui suggestions, to attract good energy into your kitchen:

Clutter-free zone: In Feng Shui, clutter is a big no no. In order to let good energy circulate freely in your kitchen, make it spacious and as far away from clutter as possible.

spacious kitchen

Lighting: Kitchens should be bright, airy, and vibrant. There should be a flowing of freshness. Dark kitchens are neither attractive nor welcoming. Ensure there is bright lighting, that it encourages you to want to cook.

Vibrancy: The element of vibrancy can be easily added to your kitchen through the use of paint. According to Feng Shui guidelines, yellow is a lucky color to add to your kitchen walls. Feel free to use different shades of yellow to create this feeling.

Simplicity: This element is included through the use of minimal gadgets. A guest in your home should not feel like they have set foot in a junkyard.

Freshness: Keep only fresh vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers in your kitchen. Discard anything that is rotten, or foul smelling. Be sure to throw out the garbage every day.

flowers in kitchen

De-clutter: Remove any unnecessary items from your cupboards, drawers, and refrigerator. Items which are rarely used should be properly stored. By removing excess items from your kitchen counters, you will create a clean and spacious environment, which can be utilized for a flower vase.

Safety: This is often an overlooked element, because it’s the least fun. Store sharp objects which can cause injuries, such as tools and knives in drawers. This will promote positive yang energy.

Keep burners clean: Burners and stove are a crucial element of the kitchen. Great care should be taken to keep this clean. Place the stove so that its back does not face a door. If you have no choice but to keep it this way, add a reflecting mirror on the back.

clean gas burner

Throw out broken items: Items that are not working or are broken release negative and stressful energy in the home, and can promote obstructions in financial gains. Be sure to fix dripping water taps, which will prevent leakage of funds.

Do not place the kitchen in the center of the house: If your kitchen is in the center of your home, you may experience financial loss, indigestion, and health ailments. One remedy for this is to a hang a brass wind chime in the ceiling center.

By following the Feng Shui tips listed above, you will encourage the flow of energy into your home and life!