Most parents are heard asking about how they should make their trip to waterpark with kids less stressful. Experts believe that such parents aren’t aware that kids love water and are sure to love the trip! There is no doubt that teaching swimming to babies is risky as parents aren’t confident and patient. They want their kids to master the art within minutes! Unrealistic isn’t it! But there are few tricks which if you know you can certainly make your baby learn swimming soon:

Start at the right time: You may be surprised to know the fact that you can introduce a baby as young as 3-4 months to water and swimming. This is because such a young baby is not aware of the perils of water and is thus quite comfortable. The older he grows, the more time he will take to learn as they then need time to overcome the fear of water. Start by making them play in a splash tub and increase the level of water gradually.

baby swimming

Make it comfortable for them: Babies can get very uncomfortable if the water is either too hot or too cold. Remember, swimming is tiring so make them rest after swimming for couple of minutes. Ensure that the ambience around the pool is peaceful or the toddler might feel uncomfortable.

A perfect pair of swimming goggles: Don’t forget to add goggles to the shopping list before you leave for the waterpark trip. Water can be uncomfortable for eyes and for eyes that are so young; it can be all the more uncomfortable. Get him a good pair of goggles that he can wear when going underwater. This will allow him great freedom and comfort.

swimming goggles

Toys and more: Toys can be a great aid in helping the toddler learn swimming and enjoy it too. Look for safe and colorful water tube, balls, and balloons to keep them safe and excited. Play with them at regular intervals to keep them interested.

Even a toddler recognizes adulation, so don’t forget to shower adulations on them. Make sure you give them enough appreciation whenever they achieve the target or move to their next swimming lesson.