If you’re a 90’s child, you’re bound to have grown watching ‘Friends’ and loved it till no end. But the fact that re-runs of this show continue to remain a smashing hit amongst teens and young adults across the world today (over a decade after the show aired), is an unflinching testament to its cult status. Whether its Ross and Rachel’s epic “We were on a break” story, Monica’s endearing, plus-sized high school avatar, Pheobe’s hilarious eccentricity or Joey and Chandler’s fun-filled ‘b-romance’, there’s so much we can relate to in every character!


While their jokes and situational comedy still feel fresh and contemporary, this television series has also been an everlasting tribute to friendship. Not to forget its massive cultural impact, be it the thousands of coffee houses that were inspired by ‘Central Perk’, the iconic ‘How you doin’?” pick-up line, the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle and many more! So here are some fascinating facts about Friends that you probably didn’t know:-

Remember the big white porcelain dog that we first saw in ‘Casa-de-Joey’? Well, it actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston, who had received it as a good luck present from a friend!

friends dog

Amongst the best-rated episodes was ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ in Season 2. Well, the real reason why this plot (to be filmed entirely in Monica’s Apartment) was thought of, was because the producers didn’t have the budget to shoot outdoors or call in guest stars!

During the 4th season, Lisa Kudrow became pregnant in real life and so the innovative story of being a surrogate mother to her stepbrother’s triplets was thought of. It turned out to be a remarkable story that impacted all subsequent seasons!

Lisa Kudrow

We’ve all gushed at Marcel, Ross’s pet monkey when he gets him home during the 1st Well, he was actually played by a monkey named ‘Monkey’, and when he made a reappearance in the 2nd season, it was another monkey by the name of ‘Katie’ who was roped in to play the role!

One of the most endearing moments was when Rachel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Emma, at the end of Season 8. The touching fact is that Courteney Cox had to shoot for this episode right after she had a miscarriage in real life! In fact, Monica and Chandler’s fertility issues as a couple, was actually inspired by the real life issues of David Arquette and Courteney Cox!

rachel gave birth to emma

Young men across the world have probably related the most to Chandler’s character- his awkwardness around women and sarcastic humour. Some of it was actually suggested by Matthew Perry himself, considering that he had similar qualities in real life. Also, when Lisa Kudrow first read about Chandler’s character, she thought he was gay, and we’ve seen him being mistaken as gay in several hilarious situations!

Phoebe’s half brother, Frank Junior makes an appearance in Season 3. But if you’ve noticed closely, he was also the same guy who accidentally throws a condom into Pheobe’s guitar case in ‘The One with the Baby on the Bus’ during Season 2!

Images of Central Perk would certainly be incomplete without the intensely comical Gunther, who was besotted with Rachel. But how many of you noticed that his character was completely silent for the first 32 episodes?

gunther friends

Can you recollect Joshua’s parents who walked in when Rachel was in her lingerie during ‘The One with Rachel’s New Dress’ in Season 4? Well, the character who made an appearance as Joshua’s father was the Mathew Perry’s real-life father!

Do you know how all the characters concluded the end of the last season, after shooting the last scene of ‘The Last One, Part 2”? Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who were seeing each other then, hosted a dinner party for them to mark the end of an era!