While humans might think too much of themselves, and technically they are the most intelligent mammals on the earth, there are many other animals which are sharp, focused and clever. While they might not have different languages that we do, they are still able to survive in the wild all because of their instincts, and their intelligence.

Here are some of the most intelligent animal species in the world:


Horses have helped humans not just to get them where they wanted to go, but many horses have also saved lives. While humans might want to paint the reason of this success as their training, but the reason horses are able to train so quickly is because they are indeed intelligent animals.

They get attached to other humans and can respond to complicated commands, even under utmost stress. This is the reason why horses were used in wars back in the day.



While Pigeons often make a cameo in periodic movies where they are used as messengers to carry letters from one place to another, people often forget that Falcons were also used to carry messages, because they are just as intelligent as Pigeons. They have the ability to easily follow commands and remember the territories.


While for some, rats might just be sewer dwellers and food stealers, they are actually highly advanced species with long term memory and ability to adapt easily to changes.

This is the reason why rats are often part of scientific researches, because it helps the researchers know how the humans would react to the same conditions.


While Cats might not be as easy to train as dogs, they are still very skilled with their high sensory ability. Cats are known to be very good at hunting, as proven by their wild cousins that roam in the jungles, and they are very quick in learning new skills as well.



These small animals might seem a bit dumb when they are trying to get into your house, but that is because they are only focused on one thing – food. Squirrels are always busy collecting food and storing them, and trust us, it is way more difficult than it looks.

They do not just have to find food, but store it in a place where it’s out of the reach of other animals, and still, they should be able to remember exactly where they stored the food.


Elephants don’t just always remember their memories, they can process a lot of other complex emotions as well. Compared to other animals, elephants do have a bigger brain, because their body is bigger but that’s not why they are intelligent. They have long memories and they can engage in complex social interactions.



While one Octopus might have shot to fame because he could predict the next Football World cup winne, the reality is, octopuses might not be a psychic but they are definitely intelligent. Being skilled hunters, they use advanced techniques to hunt for food by using varying combination of their testicles.


Though, the intelligence in dogs varies according to their breeds, dogs are known to be very receptive to training and they can learn new tricks quickly. Breeds like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds are used in police training all over the world. Because of their high sense of smell, well-trained dogs can sniff out bombs and drugs, and they can attack on command.



While Whales might just be known for their big size, they have a big intellect as well. Scientists have found that whales produce complicated sounds to interact with each other, they can coordinate and work together in groups, and they are also efficient problem solvers.


Humans did evolve from monkeys, and that is the reason why Chimpanzees resembles humans so much. But it’s not just the resemblance. Just like humans, Chimpanzees are known to be able to manipulate the environment, use tools around them and help their community as a whole.

Scientists consider them as the smartest animals in the entire world.