When you are pregnant, no matter where you go and who you meet, you are always hearing advice-do this, do that, don’t eat that, don’t touch that and so many more such things. Forget women, even men will sometimes give their own special edition of advice. But how many of those suggestions are actually good enough to pay attention to? Well most of the things you will hear are just renewed forms of myths which have been passed down by our ancestors to us and we continue following them blindly. But at some point, someone has to stop believing in the trash they tell you and know for your own what you need to do and what to avoid during those nine months.

So for your better understanding and more knowledge, here’s a list of the common pregnancy myths and the actual facts associated with them. Read on:

Say no to peanuts!

It is a common myth to avoid peanuts during pregnancy as they may trigger an allergic reaction to the unborn baby.  In reality, peanuts are healthy and can be taken in the right amounts during those nine months without worrying about the ill effects to the baby. But yes, if you are already allergic to peanuts even before pregnancy, then you must obviously avoid them even during it to be on the safe side.


You should give up coffee

Well every time you start picking a cup of coffee, you will hear a thousand voices telling you to give it up but the good news is that you can enjoy a perfectly good cup of coffee every now and then during pregnancy. Yes, having more than 200 mg of caffeine per day can put you at a risk of a miscarriage or pre-term labor, so try avoiding it in large amounts.

Eat for 2

Every older person will tell you to eat for two so that you can maintain the energy levels in your body but it is one of the most common myths associated with pregnancy and is also one of the most popular advices you will get to hear.  Being pregnant requires only an additional 300 calories a day and during the initial months, you don’t even need to increase the amount you eat all of a sudden.  Infact, these days the theory is ‘Not to eat for 2’ as it only leads you on to put more weight on, which will be as difficult to reduce  after pregnancy.

pregnant lady eating

NO Sex!

You definitely must have heard that you should not have sex during pregnancy but in reality, Sex is safe in low-risk pregnancy.  The baby inside you is always well cushioned and cannot be harmed by having sex. But yes, for high risk pregnancies, sex may need to be avoided, especially during a few months so it’s better to speak to your doctor about it.

Don’t fly during the first and last trimester

Flying is completely safe during any month of the pregnancy but most of the airlines hesitate to fly women during the advanced stages of pregnancy.  So don’t believe in this myth unless you yourself are a little paranoid about taking a flight.

Sleep only on the left side

Unless you have some complications during pregnancy, you can feel free to sleep on any of your sides. If you have an issue of high blood pressure or if your doctor has especially suggested you to sleep on the left side, you can just pick any side. After all, once the baby arrives, the chances of getting a lot of slim will be slim.

pregnant lady sleeping

It’s a girl if you have severe morning sickness

Old women tales have fooled a lot of us over these years but don’t believe any of those gender determining stories during pregnancy. So if you are suffering from severe morning sickness, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are going to have a baby girl. The chances can rather be determined by simple probability-50/50.