Are you planning to sell the house in a year or two? How about taking the home remodeling? Remodeling the house will have double-benefits; firstly it will increase the enjoyment of living in the house and will also enhance the value of the house when it comes to selling it. But not all changes reap same returns. The return largely depends on the amount that you have spent and also the location of the house. Here are top 6 home remodels that are likely to boost the value:

Update Bathroom: The remodeling assignment that can get you back 75% to 100% of the cost incurred is bathroom. You can remodel as little as faucets replacement or lend it a complete new look by redoing the flooring, toilet, vanities, freestanding tower, garden tub and trendy fittings and fixtures. It is possible to put this on top of your home remodeling project.


Update Kitchen: This is next remodel that is most likely to recuperate the cost and add to the sale value. Remodeling range from replacing the cabinets, new countertop, sink, flooring, wall covering, paint and faucets. A kitchen that is up-to-date is likely to give you great returns. Use material that is durable to reap the benefits of remodeling.

Home Appliances: One more way to boost the value of the home is to install new appliances. Adding energy-efficient and new kitchen appliances will push the home value at selling time nearly to 100% of the investment. Add sparkling stainless steel kitchen appliances to add to the aesthetic value and efficiency.

Hardwood Flooring: The first and foremost thing noticed by potential buyers is flooring. In the bedroom get hardwood flooring to make it look clean. Hardwood flooring is sure to nudge the selling price as it makes the house appealing and classy.                                                                                                                                                            hardwood-flooring

Front Door: The first impression that the buyer gets of your house, is through the front door. Thus, it is important to replace or renovate the front door to make the impression right. A good front door can recoup about 100% of your spending. All real estate agents work on Curb appeal Mantra, that is have an inviting look to induce the buyers.

Windows: Like eyes are a window to the soul, windows are the soul of the house. This is often ignored during home remodeling project, but it is very important. Replace old and boring windows with newer casement or sliding windows keeping the room décor and climate conditions in mind. In most cases, it results in a return of about 80%.

Apart from these, you must also consider remodeling deck and front landscaping of the house. These remodeling efforts generally increase the home value by 15 to 80% depending on the quality of the work.