Everyone wants to have a life full of comforts, but living is tough. Our daily life can be made modest with a variety of time-saving tools and appliances available, but with both pros and cons. Minor discomfort or delay annoys us, but we need to understand that things always don’t work the way we want them to. Management of our world of convenience is critical. That’s why we demand life hacks to get a remedy for our everyday minor struggles. Although they only save us a few seconds, but that feeling of doing things in a better way is prize winning in the battle of modern brains.Here are some awesome life hacks you need to know about:

  • Your key-ring has a bunch of keys, and you have to struggle every time to lock and unlock your doors and closets as identification of keys has to be made based on teeth arrangement. To tackle this, you can use your nail polish collection and paint an upper section of each key with a different color to recognize it at a glance.

painted keys

  • If you are always available to offer your things to your loved ones, then it’s an essential hack for you. You have to maintain a record of your belongings just by taking a picture of your friend with the DVD or game when they borrow it.
  • It is difficult to find a dress in a horizontal stack. So the better idea is to arrange your clothes in a vertical stack with the folded edge of each dress up like a file in an organized cabinet. It will help you spot your desired dress easily and remove it comfortably without messing your cupboard.
  • Some recipe either includes egg white or yolk that is a tedious job to do. The best is to use a plastic bottle to separate egg white and yolk without getting your hands dirty. Crack the egg in a container and hold an air squeezed bottle above yolk and release grip to suck in the yolk. Now you can again squeeze bottle to take out the yolk.

Remove Egg Yolk With Bottle

  • You can clip your cookbook onto the trouser hanger after opening your desired page and hook it on the handle of the top-mounted cupboard. With this, your cookbook will be open close to your eye-line.
  • You must have a strong password to protect yourself from being a victim of the cybercrime. Smartphones make it pretty easy to use accented letters like “é” in your password – and these make your passwords much harder to crack. You may expect a “1” in place of an “L,” but you’d have to be a special crazy to predict “ñ” in place of a “n.”
  • Earphones are mentioned with tiny “L” or ”R” which might be difficult to read in dim light so tie a knot in one earphone wire and remember the knot is on the left or right earphone.

earphone hack

  • To make white wine immediately chilled use frozen grapes and also it will not get watered down as in case of ice cubes. In fact, the wine glasses will look classy with frozen grapes.
  • If you switch off your alarm and take a nap again, definitely you will be late. So give a try to this hack. Put your phone in an empty glass, it will amplify the sound of the alarm, and it will be more of task to get the phone out of it and stop, increasing that chance to wake you up.
  • Ironing the collar of a shirt requires skillful iron work, but it can be done with the  much efficient tool. Simply clamp the hot pads of the hair straightener around the collar and you can remove the creases with ease.

iron shirt collar

  • On reheating food in the microwave, it is noticed that food will be molten hot from outside but cold from near the center. This can be cracked by making a hole in the center of the food. It will heat food evenly and quickly.
  • Cleaning the dust between the keys of the keyboard is a pain except you use a spare sticky note. Slide the glued edge between the keys, it will pick up dirt along the way.
  • To fill a large container from a small sink use a dustpan. Place the large container in front of the sink on the floor. Use a dust pan to direct the water in the container. It works like a funnel, the wide end collects water and make it flow down through the handle in a container.

fill a large container from a small sink

  • When you cut meat or vegetable, you put extra pressure on a chopping board to prevent it to slide. This effort can be reduced by placing damp paper towel or tea-towel between chopping board and kitchen shelf.

Though these are simple life hacks, but they make the life so much easier and fun.