Are you planning to surprise your kid on their upcoming birthday by throwing them a kickass party? Do they like any sport that could make a great theme for a party? You have come to the right place! In this article, we would share with you some sports themed birthday party ideas and some tips to make your kid’s birthday a memorable experience for the guests as well.

Choose a Sport

It all begins with choosing a sport for the theme. Football, soccer, bowling, baseball are the hottest choices. But make sure, whatever sport you decide on, you kid loves it. It is important to choose your pick at first because the next steps would depend on it.

Design Special Invitations

You could send out invitations to the friends and relatives that look like a ticket to a sports event. Don’t forget to add a picture of your kid dressed in the sports uniform on the invite. You could use stamps to decorate the invites. You could add props like sports card or a shiny referee whistle with a fancy chain. It’s a brilliant way to get your guests looking forward to the party.

sports party invitation

Decorating the Venue

It’s time to prepare for the party. Start with decorating the venue. If you have chosen bowling as your theme, you could host the party at an actual bowling alley. For themes like baseball and soccer, you could turn your backyard into a field. Select the color palate before purchasing the decorations. There are really cute sports themed buntings and balloons available online that you should definitely check out. You would find a wide variety of tablecloths, serving plates and personalized stadium cups.

Theme-Appropriate Food

The birthday cake is the highlight of the party. It only makes sense if it’s a theme appropriate cake. You could get a customized fondant covered cake shaped like a soccer ball or a bowling ball and bowling pins, depending on what sport you chose. Cake pops are all the rage at the moment. Cookies and candies shaped like basketball would set the right atmosphere at the table. You could serve hot dogs like they do at the real baseball matches. Nachos, popcorn, and soft pretzels are ideal snacks for such parties. And who doesn’t like football whoopie pies?

sports themed food


Games are an essential part of a kid’s birthday party. You could arrange for them to play games like noodle archery, football toss, and hot basketball. You could easily make arrangements in advance for the kids to play volleyball or badminton in your backyard. Miniature bowling at home is the best!