A breakup can be the most difficult time of your life and is a phase where neither the bright sunshine of the morning helps nor the darkness and silence of the night. Everything you see or do reminds you of your ex and life is just simply terrible! While some people drown their sadness in alcohol, others choose the medium of sad songs to make their way through a break up. But what helps even better is to watch certain movies that have been especially made for people in your present state-that of a breakup.  The following are the best 15 movies that can really help you get through this difficult time:

High Fidelity

This movie starring John Cusack helps you at the time of a breakup because it reminds you why relationships really suck.  This movie is about fear of commitment, falling in love and hating your job-just what you need right now.

Battle Royale

This movie features a bunch of teenagers who are killing one another. Not exactly a movie about love gone wrong but something that will help you sorts your anger out.

Wuthering Heights

At this time of your life, seeing other miserable people like yourself really helps. And this is why you should watch Wuthering heights because everyone in this movie is feeling as terrible as you are.

Wuthering Heights

Kill Bill

A Quentin Tarantino movie is a perfect recipe for many life situations including that of a break up.  This movie will make your head roll-exactly what you need at present.


If you are someone who really wants to cry but just cannot bring the tears to reach the eyes, then this is a must watch.  This movie will help you vent out the tears and flush them out of the system-once and for all.


The breakup might feel painful right now but this movie will make you realize just how important it was to get out of that relationship. So watch this movie and know that you made the right decision by calling it off.

John Tucker Must Die

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Well this is a perfect movie for those females who have just gone through a break up with a total jerk of a guy.

john tucker must die

Inland Empire

This is a movie to watch if you want to see how normal your life is in comparison to that of the characters in this movie. It can actually make you feel good even during a breakup scenario in life.

The First Wives Club

This movie is a must watch if you wish to realize that the best revenge is really very good revenge.

Under The Tuscan Sun

An absolute delight of a movie to watch especially for travel lovers. This movie makes you realize that the best way to get over a breakup is to buy a villa in Italy.

Broadcast News

This is a movie about life which teaches you that everyone you meet is the worst. A bitter movie for those who wish to share the bitterness they are feeling at present.

broadcast news

The holiday

This movie should be on your download list during a breakup as it reminds you that the best way to get through this terrible time is to take a holiday.

The Break Up

Well, watch this movie for ironic comic relief. Sometimes it really helps, trust me!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You might want to get rid of all the memories of your love gone past but watch this movie as it makes you realize that not all memories are to be erased, some are to be cherished.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Celeste and Jesse forever

This movie will remind you why you both got together in the first place.to just ease up the pain a little bit.