Summer breaks are here again and all you mothers are worried about how to deal with the children who have nothing to do the entire day. Earlier it was believed that vacations are to rest the brains, but these days the vacations are better utilized! They are to learn and master new things.

It is a great idea to engage them in an activity that will not just occupy their minds but will also give them an opportunity to learn and develop new skills? To help you out, we have enlisted a few of the most fun and interesting activities that you can engage your kids this summer:

Collecting nature: You can assign him a task that involves visiting parks and collecting different kinds of leaves or rocks or even butterflies. This would be a great way to teach them about variety in nature. You can then discuss with him and help in identify the material he has collected.

collecting nature

Planning a history vacation: If your child is studying history, then take him to a tour to a historical place. Ask him to gather details about the place and its historic significance. This will not only help in building up his excitement but will also make him feel confident. Visiting museums can also be an option.

Involving in projects: How about making him prepare a volcano in your backyard? Let him invite a few of his friends and help them learn what all goes in the making of a volcano. You can also look for similar projects on the internet and develop scientific thinking in your child.

kids science project

Joining reading groups: A number of local libraries have special reading groups for children in summers. You can look for similar aged kids in your area and even create a group of you own. This will help in inculcating reading habits in your child.

Indulge in sports: Sports like baseball or cricket involve a lot of numbers. If you indulge your child in these games, he will learn several terms like average and score in no time. The added advantage of being active and fit is another factor that can help you decide to go for these sports.

kids playing

The idea is to make the activities seem fun and interesting for the children else they would burdened. Don’t forget to consider their interest while you decide how to get him spend his summers.