It is true that movies are a wonderful medium of entertainment but the same can also be said about TV Shows.  There are hundreds and thousands of TV shows being made worldwide every year but only a few have managed to capture the global attention and have made themselves compulsory to be watched.  The age group which is truly addicted to this craze of good TV series is the 20-somethings. This is the age of college, hook ups, break ups and marriage. What goes best with these major events in life is a good TV show just before completing your day. So here’s a list of the 15 TV Series that every 20 something must watch:

Breaking Bad

Everyone is talking about this TV series and believe me; it is worth all the hype. A regular and simple chemistry teacher becomes the big lord of the drug business. Who would want to miss that?

breaking bad

Veronica Mars

The amazing dialogues, the brilliant storyline and some good looking girls, well what else could you ask for in a TV Show, especially in your 20s?

Friday Night Lights

This is another show which every 20-something person must download and watch. The show is truly legendary and the first 2 seasons are simply brilliant.

Freaks and Geeks

With only one season, Freaks and geeks is just something a 20 something cannot miss. The storyline is not just excellent but it is also quite funny which is why it is such a must watch.

The Walking Dead

I am sure every 20 something will get super attached to the characters of this show since they are living in a post-apocalyptic zombie universe.  This show is really quite brilliant.

the walking dead

Arrested Development

The cast of this show is phenomenal and so is the storyline.  If you haven’t seen this show already, you have already made a huge mistake. So go on and download it now!

American Horror Story

Get over the romance shows and funny sit coms and get flavor of this horror TV series which is also sexual and violent to some extent.  But the good news is that it is also quite funny at times.

New Girl

The show gets the recipe for a good TV show absolutely right and this is why it is so popular among people just out of their teens.  But that must not stop the others from watching it as well.


Well the name of this TV show is enough and it comes as no surprise that this legendary TV show exists in this list as well. No matter what your age is or how many times you have already seen it, FRIENDS is still worth a watch, again!


Pretty Little Liars

A truly addicting show which is awesome for everyone who is nearing the mid-twenties. You just won’t be able to get your addiction off.


If you like to see good looking men kick some ass, then this my friend is the show for you.  Just throw in some ghosts, demons and vampires and you can total justify the title of the series.


The Office

With 7 seasons, the office is a show which every 20 something must start watching right now. Seeing this show will prepare you for your life at your ‘office’.

How I Met Your Mother

In your twenties, there are already enough problems for you out there in the big bad world. But knowing that this funny show will be waiting for you back at home will add some relief.

How I Met Your Mother

Gossip Girl

Addicting to the core, this show may seem silly at times but is simply fantastic, especially for fashion lovers, girl lovers and boy lovers-pretty much every 20 something.

One Tree Hill

Classic teen romance which may be unrealistic but pretty good to watch. So watch it!