We all dream of living a fairytale life in a fairytale house but then there are some who actually live in houses that are larger than life, packed with all possible amenities and luxuries and made by spending millions of dollars.  Owning a simple 2 BHK these days is a big deal for the large part of the population these days and in such times, owning huge mansions ought to be a super expensive affair, but may be not for the richest in the world.  The following is a list of the 9 most expensive (and gorgeous) houses in the world which can either make you super jealous or plain happy. Let’s take a look.

Buckingham Palace, London

Tagged at a price of $1.56 billion, this palace in London is the current residence of the queen of the country and has a whopping 775 rooms.  It has 19 state rooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms and 52 royal and guest bedrooms.  More than 50000 people come to this palace as guests and are the lucky ones to experience its beauty.

Buckingham Palace

Antillia, Mumbai, India

Tagged at a price of $1 billion, this is the house owned by one of the richest persons in the world, Mukesh Ambani.  This house consists of 27 floors out of which, several floors are dedicated to a garage that can house 168 cars, a ballroom, 3 helipads, swimming pool, a floor dedicated to health center, a temple, a guest suite floor and many other mind boggling amenities. Antillia is also one of the tallest buildings in Mumbai.

Upper Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, South West London

Tagged at $980 million, this house belongs to a Ukrainian businesswoman Elena Franchuk and is a five storey detached Victorian house. This house comes with a gym, a sauna and a cinema.  It has two ballrooms, two dressing rooms, an impressive dining room and several other world class amenities and facilities.

The Pinnacle, Montana, USA

This is the 4th most expensive house in the world which has been tagged at $944 million and is owned by Edra and Time Blixseth. It comes with 123 rooms and is spread over an area of 56000 square feet.  This is a pinnacle ski lodge and has some rich amenities including a huge wine cellar, a gym, heated flooring, fireplaces in all ballrooms and a massage room.

The Pinnacle

Maison de L’amitie-Palm Beach, Florida

Tagged at $913 million, this house in Florida is owned by a fertilizer king and is also known as the friendship house. It was bought from celebrity billionaire Donald Trump by a Russian millionaire for $95 million in 2008.  It has a giant garage, 22 bathrooms, 18 bedrooms, 3 guest cottages and a giant ballroom as well.

Hala Ranch-Aspen, Colorado

Tagged at a whopping $821 million, this house is owned by Hedge fund billionaire John Paulson and is a lavish ranch which includes 15 rooms, 16 bathrooms, a water treatment plant, gas pumps and many other brilliant features and amenities. It was sold by Saudi prince Bandar Bin Sultan in the year 2006.

Fleur De Lys-Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

This is the 7th most expensive house in the world with a current estimation of $760 million. It is owned by former junk bond king Michael Milken and comes with some brilliant world class facilities including 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a 3000 sq ft wine cellar, two story library, a wine tasting room and even a commercial level kitchen. It truly combines luxury and comfort like no other house in the world.

Fleur de Lys

Villa Leopolda-Cote  D’Azure, France

This is a brilliant looking and extremely expensive house tagged at a price of $457 million and belongs to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorav.  This house is located in a French town and is one of the most gorgeous looking villas in the world. It has 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, vast formal gardens, private beach front and a swimming pool.

Ellison Estate, Woodside, California

Tagged at more than $200 million, this is a 23 acre property which is the 9th most expensive houses in the world and is owned by Oracle founder-Larry Ellison. This house is a Japanese style estate which has 10 buildings, a manmade lake, a tea house, a bath house, a koi pond and many other such Japanese style establishments in it.  The house looks gorgeous and is a brilliant piece of modern architecture.

Ellison Estate