As soon the couple gets the news of the arrival of a baby, they begin with the planning and collection of must-haves to keep the baby comfortable and safe. But as soon as the couple set their foot in the baby store, they are dazzled by the extensive range of products available in the market. Couples are left confused as what items to buy, what items are truly necessary and what are unnecessary. If you are also confused, here is a quick guide for new parents:

Car Seat: As soon as the baby comes, the visit to pediatrician and malls increases. So, you need to have a good car seat. It will keep the baby safe in the journey. Buy the car seat that suits the weight child’s weight, size, and age of your child. Try the car seat and make sure you know how to harness the child well.

car seat

Diaper Supplies: As soon as the bundle of joy arrives, one thing that you cannot afford to run out are diaper supplies. Purchase adequate supplies of both disposable and cloth diapers that snug the baby well. You also need wet and dry wipes, antiseptic to wash cloth diapers, and fasteners. To deal with diaper rash, it is best to keep a diaper rash cream handy.

Mattress: It is important to place a nice and soft mattress in the crib. Other thing to keep in mind is the mattress in the crib. Prefer foam mattress as it is affordable and light. Also make sure that the mattress outer cover has hypo-allergenic, flame-retardant, waterproof, and stain and bacteria resistant properties.

baby Mattress

Bathing Supplies: The perfect time to bond with the baby is while bathing. Make sure you have a mild soap, no tear shampoo, bath lotion and moisturizer. Don’t miss on the hooded towel and bath robe to keep the baby warm after his bath. It is best to stock the bathing supplies to keep the baby smiling and splashing.

Crib: There is no doubt that babies spend a considerable time in the crib than anywhere else. When buying crib remember both comfort and safety are important. Buy a sturdy crib as children sleep in the crib till two to three years of age.

baby Crib

Apart from these you also need to have first-aid kit, pacifier, bottles and formula to ensure hassle free parenting experience. Rest, all depends on your patience to deal with the baby.