Every mother has a wish to make her kid’s birthday as special as she can. Planning the menu, decoration and gifts in it is a big challenge! But thinking of new and fun ideas can be extremely daunting as a child’s psychology is extremely complex. Therefore, stop taxing your brain and try some of these exciting party ideas that come with an added advantage of being on a budget too:

Scavenger Hunt: Small kids love to be alone in the backyard and if the trail is adventurous, nothing like it. Hide small things like animal replicas, candies, shells or even small gifts in your backyard and give kids some clues. Of course keep a gift ready for the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

Baking: If you are having an all-girls party, why not let them spoil their hands with some fresh cookie dough. Get some plastic cookie cutters and let them bake their cookies themselves. As a reward, help them pack those cookies and give them as a return gift so that they can showcase their skills to their mothers.

Freeze Dancing: Children love to flaunt their dancing skills. So pump up the volume and get them on their feet. Those who continue dancing even without the music are out for that round. Keep several prizes ready for winners, best dancers, most energetic dancer and silliest dancer.

Freeze Dancing

Mural Painting: Get a big canvas ready in your backyard. Ask the children to dress according to a mural party as there are high chances that they might spoil their clothes. Give them lots of colors, shaped sponges and brushes. Let them paint their dreams on the large white canvas.

An Obstacle Race: If the weather is on your side, there can be no activity more enjoyable then an obstacle race. Create small puddles, foam pools, stones, small hills before the children reach out their destination. You can also call in their parents to cheer them. Don’t forget the medal ceremony at the end of the race.

Obstacle Race

Try to create a friendly atmosphere around the kids. If the children are too young, it is a good idea to hire a nanny for the party day. If all things fall in place, there is no reason you can ensure the best time for your child’s friends.