In this age of tech, running a business without computers is equivalent to driving a car without a steering wheel. Technology has become an important tool for businesses today and computers, therefore, are a must have if a business is looking to manage important aspects of documents, accessing the internet and keeping updated records.

In a study conducted by the research organization Gartner, it was found that business trade accounted for 74% of the total 94.5 million computers sold within the United States alone. Some uses of computers in the business function have been detailed down below:

1. Communication:
Computers are vital for in helping with the communication process. With email services today, one can instantly send and receive correspondence. Many online email services are now even allowing for voice chats like Skype, Google Hangouts etc which now provides the ability to hold video meetings with people from all over the globe. These services are even compatible with smartphones.

2. Marketing and Advertising:
Businesses today can market themselves and advertise their products and services online with computers. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter have become an important platform for businesses to advertise. In addition to advertising, businesses now even have the capability to manage email marketing campaigns to target more customers.

3. Administration:
Businesses can make use of computers to keep important data like employees logs, details of suppliers etc. IT departments within companies are now an integral part of any business who can help create an online infrastructure for a company.

4. Cost-effectiveness:
Using virtual functions like electronic mails help avoid over-consumption of paper. Online communicating also helps the cost of procuring a meeting room and even paying for beverages and cost of stationery items. The business can make use of the saved funds in other important endeavors.

Computers are integral to business functions as can be seen from the above points. Businesses, therefore, have the need to make use of computers in their day to day activities.