From shopping to friendship and from dressing to traveling, men and women do many things differently. Most women spend a major chunk of their money on shopping. But with 50% off and free delivery at, you have the opportunity to maintain your budget. While a woman may take hours to get dressed, a man may only need to put on a pair of clothes. Of course, these differences can’t be generalized and forced upon everyone in the world, but they exist in the majority of cases. The following is a list of the 10 things which men and women do differently.

Going shopping

While a woman needs to shop at least 3-4 times a month, a man may only need to shop for essentials about once in two months. Most females just cannot get enough of indulging in some retail therapy whereas men do it only when required. The thought of spending hours in a mall may irritate most men but for women, it’s more of a pass-time. Adding to the agony is the heavy priced labels that you may not be comfortable with.


Most females call their female friends with their original names but in the case of men, nicknames have to be introduced. Men love calling their male buddies with all kinds of names besides their own name. They may either use surnames or invent funny nicknames to refer to them.

Eating Out

Men never like to admit that they do not want to spend when they go out with their buddies or women but they will always offer to pay. But when it comes to women, pocket calculators may come out as they like to be more practical and go the divided way. Females like to pay only their share when eating out lunch or dinner.

Money Matters

When it comes to men, they will pay double the amount for the item they need but women will pay half the amount for the item they do not need but is on sale! Females just love to shop during sales, even if they do not need the items that are on a price reduction. But men only like to buy what they most need or spend on necessities.

Bathroom Items

If you walk into a woman’s bathroom, you will find an endless number of items, most unused. But when you walk in a man’s bathroom, you are likely to find only 6 items-toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor and a towel. Men like to stick to necessities and do not like to clutter items they don’t require. But in the case of women, they will buy and store everything they like the packing or packaging of. Finding a particular item in a female’s bathroom is thus next to impossible.


Is there any argument in the world which a woman didn’t win? No one can defeat females at arguments and they always have the last word, even if their answer is incorrect. But any word spoken by a man in an argument is just the beginning of yet another argument.

Dressing Up

Women just love dressing up. They like it so much that they will dress up for picking groceries, emptying the trash, water the plants and even before going for their afternoon nap. But as far as men are concerned, the only time they like to dress up is before weddings as well as funerals.


Most females study from the start of the semester and till the second before the examination starts. But most men somehow manage to score well even on studying two days before the exam. Most men have this secret to learning quick and still managing to score well in examinations but this is something which most women totally lack.

Going Traveling

Where on one hand men like to explore and go to the not so popular spots on a tourist destination, women like to see all the famous spots of a tourist destination and get their pictures clicked at each. For women, the idea is to soak in as much history and popularity of a place as possible but men like to relax and explore more when traveling.

Household Matters

A woman of a house is always the in-charge and no matter how messy our dressing drawer may be, her house is always shining bright and is tidy. But on the other hand, men become very casual as soon as they enter the house, no matter how organized they are at work. Men like to take a backseat when it comes to household matters whereas women are the in-charge.

These differences between men and women hardly have a chance of dissolving. These are natural and inherent features given to god to men and women and are a part of their personalities.