The very word picnic fills you with excitement and fun! The feeling of meeting with friends outdoor is a reason enough to feel perfectly happy. If you are also planning a summer picnic this time, but dreading your last time experience of packing the picnic basket, there is nothing to worry! Here is your guide to put a perfect summer picnic basket:

Packing: Though there are several picnic basket types available in the market to choose from, but nothing can beat the charm of wicker basket that is filled with melamine ware. It is best to buy the basket that is equipped with dinnerware that is enough for four or six people and contains glasses, flatware, plates, spoon, knife and corkscrew. To create classic settings don’t forget to carry an old quilt.

Packing Lunch

Sandwiches and Wraps: No picnic is complete without wraps and sandwiches. They are not only easy to eat as they are hand-held but also filling. Wondering which sandwiches to try this time? Here is one filling and easy to make recipe:

  • Grilled Smoked Salmon sandwich: This sandwich will surely win you applauds from your friends and relatives. To make this sandwich you need smear of cream cheese, whole wheat bread, sliced smoked salmon, red onions, tomatoes and pat of butter. Simply, smear the cream cheese on the bread and add a layer of sliced onions, salmon and tomatoes. Neatly close the sandwich and put some butter on the bread. Grill it until the cream melts and become gooey. To ensure that they taste great and warm wrap the sandwiches first in the wax paper and then in the tin foil.

Wrap Sandwiches

  • Chicken wraps: This wrap is quite filling and yummy and will add to your picnic spirits. To make this wrap you need to have boneless chicken breast, pita bread, eggs, onion rings, carrot, cabbage, capsicum green chilies, refined flour, vinegar, sugar, ginger and garlic paste, red chili powder, soy sauce, cumin powder. To make the wraps combine vinegar, green chili, sugar and salt and let it stay till the vinegar become spicy. Strain it and save it for later. Add capsicum, cabbage and carrot and toss it. Refrigerate it till chill. Cut the chicken in thin strips. Mix together ginger and garlic paste, red chili cumin powder, soy sauce, lemon juice, egg and salt. Add refined flour and chicken and let it marinate for half an hour. Heat the oil in pan and fry the marinated chicken. Heat the peta bread and cut it into halves. Open the pockets and spread the mint sauce and place chicken and vegetable mixture and few onion rings.

Dessert and Drinks: There is nothing like homemade cookies or cupcakes.  Try and make them well in advance. But in case you don’t have enough time, Gourmet chocolate chip cookies will not disappoint you.

Bottle of wine: No picnic is complete without a bottle of wine in case the location permits. Or else keep a bottle of sparkling water.

wine on picnic

With these four things you have everything that you need to enjoy with your family and friends a picnic at any location.