A famous songstress sang ‘pretty hurts’, and it really does. It does because the prices of makeup are a strain on the pockets of women. If you are a person looking for the ultimate store with the cheapest deals of makeup deals for Valentines, you are in luck.

For a freebie woman, it is an even more expensive fail because of landing on the wrong shade of lipstick or mascara. If you want unlimited time to practice your makeup without worrying about accruing costs, these ventures are the best beauty bargains.

  1. Looks for deals on items with a short shelf life. Have a broader beauty outlook and ensure your picks are well informed. Take for instance the shelf life of liquid eyeliners, mascara and acne products.

While eyeliners and mascara are more ‘Prada’, it takes only three to six months before bacteria build up. Anti-ageing creams instead stop to work in less than a year. At the end of your purchase, you have to ensure whatever you have gone for has the nettle to stand up to its price and other versions as well.

  1. Drugstores. ‘Go cheap or go home’ is the mindset you need right now with an influx every now and then in the makeup frontier. Drug stores can offer you beauty products at unimaginable low cost and the discounts are on the far side of your savings.

So unless you are not looking forward to shopping for makeup with high stakes and return hassle, shop drugstores for a change.

  1. Cash in coupons. Stacking up manufacturer coupons is addictive; some habit you do not want to let go off fast. When you feel you have reached your limit, cash in those coupons at drugstores. Drugstores still mark the turf of makeup with their hands down deals and beauty bargains.

After you have, stacked coupons wait for the big/flash sales to come along. Then you will save up to 67% average of what you would have had to spend with real cash. Coupons lie in wait for you to notice them and you need only to know where to look.

Some retailers are okay with printed coupons, which you can find on either of these:

  • Smartsource.com
  • Coupons.com
  • Redplum.com

If you are not aware yet, pay close attention to the Sunday paper. Beauty product coupons mostly hideaway on Sunday inserts.

  1. Buyer remorse. How many retailers out there do you know who can accept back a product they sold you? At CVS and Rite Aid, you are at liberty to return any product. It does not matter if you have used it and you are further given a 60-day refund guarantee.

Just do not lose your receipt.

  1. Pay less for high-quality goods.

It goes without saying beauty products are getting overly expensive. You will not have to sacrifice your comfort or style to save up cash. These are the best beauty bargains to transform you like never before, especially the drugstore; half the hassle washed away.