Food prices are increasing constantly and it has become quite a task to cut on the bills. Spending money on food is one of the biggest monthly expenses many families are facing today. Until the next payday comes one must be able to stretch the monthly food budget. We can find food everywhere and we are practically attracted to buying food.

Fast food culture creates serious health issues other than being hefty on the pocket. On an average, a person spends around $400 per month for food while eating out. This may also go up if you eat out frequently with your family and friends at a well-established restaurant. So here in this article, you can find practical ideas on how to save money on food without sacrificing on the flavor.

# Shopping List:

shopping list

If you are visiting a supermarket without planning a list, you might end up spending a lot on junk. So spend a little time and prepare a list of things that you need for your meal. Having a list can help you to focus on what you want to purchase and how much you are ready to spend.  Also,  If you visit the supermarket later in the day the prices are slashed down even more.

# Plan Wisely

You can save on the products by experimenting with the available food items. To be more efficient, you can plan your week’s menu and buy vegetables & groceries in advance. If you start buying in large quantities you can save more on grocery bills. Everyone doesn’t have enough budget or space to buy items in bulk.

Buying an item in bulk at a good deal price will save you from those unwanted trips to the supermarket. Bulk deals like ‘buy one get one free’ are only useful if you buy the product on offer and store the extra items for the upcoming weeks.

# Buy Seasonal Food

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and meats are not only cheaper but are more nutritious and tastier than the ones that are not. Also, as they are grown locally they have less carbon impression and require less amount of refrigeration. If you are not aware of the seasonal fruits & vegetables available in the market knowing small details such as the cost, volume and smell of the items can serve you as the best guide.

# Shop Around:

Spend quality time at a local market where you can find the seasonal stock at a better price as the local farmers maintain a good & direct relationship with the manufacturer. By visiting different vendors you find it easy to maintain your monthly and weekly shopping list. Also, try to check the price list from time to time and try to avoid overpaying for the products you buy. You could avoid extra shopping trips if the shops are on your way from work to home. This not only will save your money but time as well.

# Shop Online & Use Coupons:

Online shopping, to be honest, has made our life easy and lazy. One click and you get your ordered item within the stipulated period of time. Buying grocery is no exception. Farm Fresh To You, for instance, provide freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables at a discounted price. But if you are looking for a premium selection of steaks, poultry, pork and seafood then do visit Stock Yards.

#Prepare Home Food:

One of the good old methods is to prepare delicious food at home. Preparing food using fresh vegetables is healthier than having it at a restaurant. At home you get to decide the quantity, so no shortage for delicious treats. If there are remnants, one can always refrigerate them.


It is always helpful to know how to prepare delicious fresh dishes from the leftovers. Before you restock your fridge or cupboard, use whatever is left over and this will reduce your waste and helps to cut cost on your shopping.

Purchasing online is a great way to avoid impulse shopping. You don’t need to look at non-essential items and you are always aware of the price and discount offers.  Many retailers also offer free shipping where the items ordered are delivered at your doorstep. By signing up for loyalty programs you will receive exclusive discount coupons and earn reward points that can be used for future purchase.

By using the above tips and following the best money-saving measures you will save huge on your food expenses. What are the other ways you think to reduce food bill, please post your suggestion in the below comments box.