Going frugal has become a trend in 2018 but popular coffee franchises help in everything but saving money. It is a huge business serving coffee in general where the prices only seem to increase day by day. Irrespective of the franchises pulling off small stunts to cut their costs, we can do ourselves a favor by countering exactly that. So keep this article handy whenever you plan on visiting Starbucks as the upcoming points will help you save a considerable amount of money (or at least get the best value out of it).

1. Carry your own cup

However bizarre this might sound, it does help you save a few cents here and there. Whenever you decide to get your own cup, it might not help you save a lot but it does help you save nevertheless. Afterall, it doesn’t matter how much you save, saving is saving.

2. Get cold beverages without ice or on the side

Starbucks pulls all kinds of tricks up their sleeve to save money at their end, but with this neat little trick, it is indeed possible to outsmart them. The next you time you order a cold beverage yourself, ask them to not add extra ice in the mix. You see, adding ice reduces the amount of actual beverage that is needed. Without the ice in the mix, you’re getting the best bet! If you cannot cool down without that extra ice, request them to serve it on the side. This way you can enjoy while getting the bang for your buck.

3. Resort to a cup of water instead of bottled water

There is no need to purchase a packaged water bottle while you’re in Starbucks as they don’t come cheap. Try the following trick instead in case you’re thirsty: Request for a glass or cup of water. It’s free, clean, filtered water and you don’t have an empty bottle later with you that needs to be carried around.

You just saved a whopping $2!

4. Split your drink with a friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed! This little hack will help you SAVE 50% on your purchase. Don’t hesitate to ask your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anybody else for that matter to split that cup of coffee with you. Not only do you cut down your bill into the half but also your calories are brought down half the way. Sell that last line to the person who you plan to split your order with, they’ll surely buy it.

5. Check for offers and coupons online

As Starbucks happens to be one of the largest companies selling coffee worldwide in over 28,000 locations, you can find offers, discounts as well as coupons on the internet with ease. With deals offering up to 50% discounts on the entire Starbucks Menu, it is worth putting in that little yet extra effort to find the right coupon code. You can even download the Starbucks Android as well as iPhone app to gain rewards, gift cards and many more features all at your fingertips.

Don’t be ashamed of trying out these unusual yet brilliant ways to save those bucks because the more you save, the better.